Destination Spotlight: Zurich

The city of Zurich lies in the heart of Europe and at the center of Switzerland, on the northern shores of Lake Zurich. Its multicultural flair and the variety of leisure activities on offer attract guests from all over the world .Also for lovers of art Zurich has a lot to offer. The city alone is home to over 50 museums, some 14 of which are devoted to art. The museum of fine arts, the Kunsthaus Zürich, boasts a significant collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos. Recreational activities range from a visit to the riverside and lakeside bathing areas in the very heart of the city, to a spectacular hike on the Uetliberg Mountain.

Zurich's 500 clubs and bars, including several in swimming pools, pulse with life till the early hours.It offers a high level of mobility and an attractive range of public transport. The Old Town is easy to discover on foot, and anyone looking to journey any further can take the bus, tram or train or take a taxi, hire car, rental bike or rickshaw taxi. There are also plenty of cruise ships and ferries operating on Lake Zürich.

Zurich is the perfect place to be for night owls and dance-mad clubbers. The vast choice of the most diverse of bars means that everyone can find a place that suits their taste. Whether cocktails, beer or gin, whether football, karaoke, concerts or readings – between them, Zurich’s bars cover every possible preference.

At a late hour, guests head for one of the city’s trendy clubs. Electro, house, rock or reggae – partygoers have plenty of opportunity to take to the dance floor and in many places can dance through to the early hours of the morning.

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